Supervised Exercise

What’s better than having your own personal trainer? Having one just downstairs from your home!

The talented Parkshore fitness team specializes in finding the right activity for each individual. That means if you’re used to pumping iron, you can continue to be challenged. Or if your idea of a workout is lifting an espresso, they can get you on the right path to a new, healthy fitness routine.

To learn more about Parkshore 62+ Senior Living Community please call us at (206) 207-6746 or fill-out the contact form on this page.
Melanie O’Dell – Fitness Manager


Melanie O’Dell has been the Fitness Manager at Parkshore for the last 12 years. Melanie has 16 years’ experience in the fitness field, including working as a physical therapy assistant, personal trainer, and group exercise instructor and also in fitness center management. She holds a B.S. in Health and Wellness Promotion and is certified as a Health/Fitness Instructor by the nationally recognized American College of Sports Medicine and as a certified personal trainer by the National Strength and Conditioning Association. Her years in the fitness field have focused primarily on the mature and aging adult, post rehab, and exercise for special populations (Parkinson’s disease, stroke, joint replacements, metabolic diseases, etc.). Melanie holds certificates of completion in the following area: Pilates Method Mat Exercise; Tai Chi for Arthritis; Enhance Fitness; Exercise Program Design for Older Adults; Assessment and Exercise Programming for Stability, Mobility, Function and Power; and Strength Training and Exercise for the Aging Spine. She also has completed numerous other continuing education courses related to health and fitness.

Libby Haakinson – Fitness Specialist

Libby Haakinson has been Parkshore’s Fitness Specialist since 2012. Libby believes an active lifestyle is the key to successful aging and making life more enjoyable. Her goal is to help enable residents to live an active, fun, purposeful life. Libby graduated Ball State University as an Exercise Science major, with minors in Gerontology and Physical Activity for the Older Adult. She is a credentialed Exercise Physiologist through the American College of Sports Medicine, and a Tai Chi for Arthritis Instructor and Aquatic Fitness Instructor through the American Association for Physical Activity and Recreation. Her experience in the fitness field has been predominantly with the older adult population. Libby’s areas of specialty include instructing aquatics, Tai Chi, and group exercise, and working with special populations such as cardiac rehab clients, Parkinson’s clients, and post–physical therapy clients. She has continuing education training in Balance and Fall Prevention for the Older Adult, Functional Circuits for Aging Clients, Exercise Programs for Older Adults, and other health-related courses.

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