If you want to know about Parkshore, ask someone who lives here.

Want to know why Parkshore is the best independent living community in Seattle? Ask our residents. When we asked residents to let us know what life is really like at Parkshore, now that they've actually moved in, we were gratified by their heartfelt answers. It let us know that we must be doing something right! Here are two of our favorites.

"Dear Staff, Board, and All Employees,

I have sat on this gratitude too long not to finally address you all. How grateful I am as well as the residents of Parkshore for your attitude in general in conjunction with the big job you had to plan and execute this renovation of the kitchen and dining room.

By the Town Hall meetings you kept us informed of the present and were open to suggestions from the residents. We felt included in your decision and therefore more tolerant of change and adjustment.

You deserve a great deal of appreciation for keeping us happy with the food during this period of time and for some extra treats. You all have done a remarkable job and you all deserve a hearty thank you from us all.

With gratitude,

Loveta Sewell”

"To Parkshore Management and Staff,

Thanks for making December such a pleasant month. The resident Christmas dinner was so pleasant. The decorations were so lovely. The food and drink at the New Years buffets were wonderful, and I especially enjoyed the pianist. Thanks to all of you.

Natalie S. Mathison”

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